Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. professional technical and service team, with advanced technology, years of material mechanics performance testing solution accumulation, combined with your actual needs, provide you with a wealth of practical applications, you will have much more reference and understanding for knowing the test standards, test equipment model and test attachment.

24-Hour Service Line

You can call the 24-hour service hotline at +86 13583113038 anywhere, and the expert service team will timely provide you with a solution to meet your needs


  • A full range of purchase advice
  • The most cost-effective configuration recommended
  • Accurate and efficient test solutions
  • Equipment upgrade solution
  • Technical service support
  • Free installation and training
  • Timely response on-site service
  • Comprehensive customer support


To provide full range of product training and technical support service during the whole life cycle in Liangong; The professional technical service team will give response to requests from all over the world; can make troubleshooting solutions and notify

Upgrade Solution

Upgrade Solution

With the improvement of technology, upgrade is usually the most economical way to extend your laboratory capacity and prolong the service life of existing test equipment. Liangong will supply the upgrading and replacement for all your test system: mechanical parts, controller and software. You will receive the software updating within your contract period.



Liangong training program aims to improve the efficiency of the operator and optimize system performance.Skilled guiding and providing step-by-step teaching, to make sure your staff thoroughly familiar with your test system and know how to operate effectively.In addition to a large number of standard courses, Liangong can also customize courses to meet your specific laboratory needs, and can provide training in our training center or your workplace.


Field Service

Liangong built the most feasible test solution, test equipment all have the dissipative feature, our experienced service engineers will be according to your requirements to provide support or maintenance quickly and effectively. Liangong can also provide you help in your lab equipment installation or carrying. Our service team can help you disassemble, pack and ship machine correctly, and install the machine in the new site. In addition, we provide the wearing parts and spare parts for the new generation of industrial equipment and the original system.