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This metallographic microscope is mainly used for metal identification and analysis of the internal structure of organizations. It is the important device which can be used to study the metallographic of metal, and it is also the key instrument to verify the product quality in industrial application, casting, smelting, heat treatment’s research of materials metallographic structure; raw material’s inspection or analyzing after heat treatment.
It is the effective means to study the surface morphology of electronics, optical fiber, textile, printing, microparticle and powder. It is the necessary equipments for scientific research, teaching, and factories and enterprises.


Eyepiece Sleeve:  inverted trinocular microscope
                             Hinged binoculars eyepiece tube Tilting angle: 30°
                            Three eyepiece diopter adjustable

Eyepiece : (Wide view eyepiece):10X/Φ18mm 
Objective lens converter : Four-hole lens converter 
Objective Lens:

  10X/0.25 Effective working distance: 5mm

  20X/0.4  Effective working distance: 2.75mm

  40X/0.65 Effective working distance: 2.1mm

  100X/0.90 Effective working distance:0.44mm (oil immersion lens)

Focusing mechanism :With limit and elastic adjusting device of the coaxial coarse micro focusing system, lifting:30mm                                     micro scale:0.002mm

Objective table : Specification:200x152mm
                           Platform tablet 1 piece
                         Small platform: small and big hole per one

Mechanical moving object stage: Moving Range:15x15mm
Illuminating System: Halogen lamp 20TV/6V,Center and brightness are adjustable 
Power: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Color Filter: Within disc type,green, blue, yellow, gray, hair slides
Magnification Times:1000X


  Objective micrometer precision (0.01 mm)

  0.5 X adaptation

  3 million pixels

  Metallographic automatic analysis system  


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